About Paradis Maison

Paradis Maison is an elegantly quirky new Design House (Where Beige goes to Die). We are interior designers who treat each creation whether it be a pillow, scarf or tea towel as a work of art! We are a small boutique store with limited runs on each item, not a mass producer of disposable decor. We take pride and happiness in our customers treasuring their items.

Our creations are not dictated by fashion as we believe good design is timeless.

At Paradis Maison we only design on happy days- so we only end up with joyful designs! (if we are having a bad day we do admin & eat chocolate)

We believe in the power of color in a world of standard and sad beige blahh.

We believe the objects we use every day should be special because every day is precious

We believe that living well is an art

We don't do generic...

We Believe that the Most Interesting People have Interesting Homes....

We use only the highest quality fabrics and printing techniques and we use the same manufacturer for most of our printing as Ted Baker.

Many of our pillows have been designed so that they can be combined with our other designs creating many interesting new looks. The colors have been adjusted so that the hues and saturations of each design complement other designs. Most are reversible with a different print so you can flip them over when you want a new look! It's like 2 pillows in 1 (miraculous!)

All designs are created by and exclusive to Paradis Maison and can only be purchased from here.

We hope you will love our designs as much as we loved creating them!

About the Pillows & Pillow Care

Our 18 inch (45cm) Pillow Covers are Made from 100% Cotton Sateen Fabric (95% Superior Cotton, 5% Spandex). They have a Very Slight Sheen which Gives them an Elegant Lustrous Finish and Slight Stretch to Prevent Sag. They are Truly a High Quality Product which you will Enjoy for Years to Come. To keep them Looking their Best, Hand Wash in Cold Water and Iron inside out or have them Dry Cleaned.

Our Inserts have a 100% Cotton Outer and Super Plush, Lump Free Microfiber Filling. We only Ship our Inserts within the USA due to High Shipping Costs.

Bulk Orders

If You Would Like to Place a Bulk Order Please Email us at so we can Arrange a Special Price According to Your Needs. Our Clients also Include Hotels and Restaurants.

Custom Design

If you would like A Decor Item Custom Designed for You or your Company Please Send us an Email at with Your Details and Requirements.


If you Have any Questions Regarding Shipping Please Contact us at At this Time we Only Ship Covers (Without the Inserts) internationally.

Selecting Cushions

If You Need Some Help to Select the Best Designs for Your Space Please Send us an Email ( with a Snapshot of the Room you would like to Style and our Interior Designers will be Happy to make some Suggestions.

Make Every Cushion Count

Paradis Maison Supports Pratham Australia

50c from Every Cushion Sold is Donated to Pratham, Making our Cushions Soft on the Soul as well as the Body.

You can Read More about Pratham Here:



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