Paradis Maison Favorite Find of the Week!

At Paradis Maison we are unashamed of our extreme decor fetish. We Love discovering new and interesting pieces from all over the world. Every week we are going to share some of our favorite finds and where to buy them. The inspiration for today's find was from a trip to Krakow, Poland a year ago. We picked up a gorgeous and quirky baby/Doll head, matt black, ceramic mug and saucer from a local pop-up store. Fast forward to today in LA where we stumbled across the same designer who is selling on Etsy. It was a very exciting coincidence to have found her as we always regretted not getting the artisan's details from the pop-up store!

A Little About the Designer in her own words:

"I’m an artist and ceramic designer. I live in Wroclaw – beautiful and artists friendly city in western Poland. Here in town, I have a workshop and a ceramic gallery which I share with two other artists.
Two years ago, still as a student of the Academy of Art, I opened an Etsy store– out of strict curiosity, just to check how it works, and if I would be able to sell anything – I wasn't seriously thinking about opening my own business.
My plan was to look for a “real” job after I'm done with my studies.

Everything changed last year when my beautiful baby girl came to this world just few weeks after my graduation. My priorities changed and instead of going to work I've decided to put all my time and effort into developing my on line shop."

Natalia Gruszecka is the Polish designer of these beautiful cups & mugs. They come in different sizes and colors and can be shipped to many international locations.


We also adore Natalia's geometric ceramic vases...very chic for the modern home!

This is a photo of our treasured baby head cup and saucer! Although it is soo pretty we don't want to use it!

ENDEceramics is coincidentally on SALE today!

Click Here for the Link to The Etsy Store for ENDEceramics




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