LA Launch of Paradis Maison!

We are beyond happy to be launching our online store FINALLY!

It has been a pillow fight and a half to set up shop in the USA but we have made it.

We want to thank everyone for their support and we hope you will love our new online store!

Did you know there is an ANNUAL PILLOW FIGHT DAY?

This is a very cool international event- we intend to attend the next event! Although our Paradis Maison Pillows are a little too nice to smack people's fun to be beaten in style.

I think this might be the solution to the road rage epidemic in Los Angeles. I am going to write to City Hall and suggest that when stalled in Peak Hour Traffic commuters can get a permit to exit their vehicles, pop open the trunk and grab their pillow ammunition and wage a pillow war.




Nicola BerkowskiComment