Top 10 Favorite Paradis Maison Room Fragrances!

At Paradis Maison we ADORE beautiful scents that create some serious Ambience. Here are our Top 10 Favorite Products which include room sprays, candles & incense that will leave your home or workplace smelling divine!

10. Satya Sai Baba - Nag Champa Incense Sticks

An oldie but a goodie, this is a classic Indian Incense which has been used forever- it is great if you are on a tight budget and will fill the entire house with it's wonderful essence. It is created from a mixture of herbs, floral extracts & oils- it has a natural scent which can be distinguished from the other incense brands which can have a more synthetic/artificial fragrance. Chances are you have definitely smelt this incense before at a yoga studio or crystal store.

Make sure you leave a window open though as it can get a little smoky!

$2.50 (15 gram pack)

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9. Nag Champa - Fresh Rose Dhoop Cones

If you love the scent of roses like we do, this is our all time favorite rose scented incense (believe me, we have tried MANY). Like other Nag Champa Incense it has a very natural fragrance that leaves a lovely lingering scent long after it has been lit. It also comes in incense sticks which smell exactly the same. Great value for money!

$1.50 (12 cone box)

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8. Voluspa- Crane Flower

Voluspa candles are sold everywhere and you can't really go wrong with these if you are looking for something within that price range. We especially appreciate their Crane Flower scent and it doesn't hurt that the larger size it comes in a fabulous shiny gold glass jar.



7. Papier d'Armenie Candles - La Rose

These smell gorgeous & fancy just like their Rose Incense Paper but you may prefer it if you are sensitive to smoke or get nasal irritation from incense. The scent when lit is potent in small enclosed spaces but doesn't really permeate strongly through very large spaces.

$37 (220g)

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6. Parks Candles London

We were given our first Parks Candle as a gift years ago in London which led to a major Parks Candle Addiction. They do ship to the USA if you are not too concerned about the shipping cost. These candles spread really well throughout a large space and are definitely strong but not as heavy as Molten Brown Candles. Our Favorite Scents are Parks Original, Wild Fig, Cassis & Orange Blossom, Champagne & their Lime Basil Mandarin.

$85 (for a large 3 wick candle)

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5. Diptyque

These Candles have a strong scent that permeates throughout even when they are not lit! They are a high quality extravagance but the price is justified. Our Favorite Scent at the moment is

Tubéreuse / Tuberose

$34 (2.5Oz) or $64 (6.5 Oz)

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4. Fornasetti Room Spray (Architettura Otto Scent)

To be honest we first bought this product for it's designer ceramic container. The spray itself is very strong and has a very ''churchy'' scent reminiscent of frankincense. It is amazing at masking odors and will definitely add a powerful ambience to your space. Perfect if you like a potent unisex scent (but if you are a little sensitive and don't like strong overpowering scents then this is not for the delicate nosed.)


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3. Molten Brown Candles- Firefly Embers

Once lit the scent from these candles is soo strong it will permeate throughout, even in very large open spaces (we have 10m high ceilings and the scent is still effective!). I find these candles to be the best when one is living in an open plan environment where softer scents just evaporate & disappear. Our Favorite scent is Firefly Embers (although it seems to be very hard to find this particular scent these days!). Molten Brown candles smell a tad more masculine/unisex, I can imagine the Firefly Embers in a Tom Fordesque environment. My husband loves this candle and we have named it the 'man candle' but I love it just as much.

$49 (single wick) &  $74 (3 wick)

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2. Antica Farmacista- Damascan Rose, Orris & Oud

This room spray is a recent discovery that we ABSOLUTELY love. The rose notes smell expensive and refined which blend perfectly with the mysterious & evocative oud scents (which seem to be very popular at the moment). It evokes romantic visions of the Middle East. The spray is strong and lasts a long time- definitely great value for the price. This truly is the best room spray we have ever used! We'll be stocking up.


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1. Papier d'Armenie

We discovered this amazing French incense paper in a Dutch gift store while living in Amsterdam. It is an interesting product as they are little booklets with sheets of scented benzoin paper which you fold like a concertina, light the edge and then blow out like you would an incense stick. This scent will teleport you back through time and space to early France where it was also used medicinally for healing & to kill bacteria.

''Renowned since ancient times for its anti-sceptic, healing and expectorant properties, benzoin resin used to be applied externally to treat asthma, coughs and hoarseness. Its positive effect on the psyche and emotions makes it popular with those feeling stressed''..

It is extremely effective at getting rid of any strong odors throughout the home such as cooking or ''pet'' smells. The scent lingers for quite a while after being lit but doesn't leave as much residual smoke as incense.

It comes in a few different scents but our favorites are the rose (pink book) & the original (blue book)

Although they are made in France they can be bought in the USA (I've seen them on Amazon) or shipped from their website.

With Shipping they usually cost from $5.50 to $7.00 per booklet.

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