Top 10 Weirdest Etsy Finds!

10. Re-usable Toilet Paper

We applaud the environmental consciousness of this product but not sure how we feel about it. Sharing is caring but I wouldn't want to share this with a family member or room mate.

etsy toilet paper

9. Bat Skull Necklace

There are some very interesting items in the occult category of Etsy, we just hope this little guy died of natural causes.


8. Victorian Reproduction of Creepy Ventriloquist Act

You might want to buy this and save it for someone special, really special for Christmas. The store selling this has some very fascinating photo prints worth a looksy.


7. Colostomy Bag Fabric Sculpture named ''The Ileum and The Ostomy''

There are no words....

Although we appreciate the little stories that go along with this special character and can see how it could be used to educate & explain medical conditions to children. We would love the backstory to how these creations came about.

& Athena the Breast

We appreciate the representation of different races, very politically correct


6. The Brief Chief Dirty Underwear Wallet

This is a Gag Present but it serves a practical need- no one will be stealing your cash from this bad boy.

& The Original Shave and Play Barbie

These store owners really don't know what to do with their imagination

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5. Denture Hair Comb

Umm ok......


4. Tampon Demon Sculpture

We wonder what the inspiration was for this cute little guy. Personification of PMS we suspect?

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3. Two-headed Taxidermy Ducks

Because a single headed tiara wearing duck is never enough

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2. Viewer Discretion Advised for the next item








Foxtail Butt Plug

We had no idea this was a thing

No judgement, We just really hope they aren't made from real fox..


1. Ear Earrings

Yeah, we hear you....pretty koooookie

These guys also have some very strange & cool sculptures worth checking out too

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Here's an extra we found that we felt needed to be included in the showcase

Real Beetle Bug Riding a Donkey

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We hope you aren't viewing this blog post before bed......if so we apologize for any disturbing dreams you may have tonight

An honorable mention must also go to this

Real Armadillo Purse