Maximalist Home Hacks!

Maximalist Home Hacks for Making Your Home even More Fabulous!

Because being fancy is a way of life! Living lavishly is not about how much money you have- it is a mindset. There are soo many ways that you can turn your home into an eclectic maximalist paradise without breaking the bank. Re-thinking how objects can be used or re-purposed for maximum impact is a large part of the process! Shop your Home!

Here are some great home hacks that are both clever & stylish!

  1. Use Towel Racks to Store Your Bath Towels

    This looks beautifully decorative & tidy at the same time!


2. Re-use Old Necklaces as Curtain Tie Backs

Add Some Maximalist Glamour to Your Curtains!

curtain tie backs

3. Use an upside-down Command hook on the reverse side of a door to hang a wreath or painting!

I adore Command hooks- they are super useful for a variety of purposes and don’t damage your walls and doors when they are removed.


4. Put your mouthwash in a vintage decanter

5. For Affordable Fancy Shelving Use Stair Treads & Corbels to Create Floating Shelves

stair shelf

6. Re-purpose old birdcages, vintage tins, silver vessels & glassware and use them as Planters.

Shop your home and hunt for vintage vessels with new eyes- you will surprise yourself with what you can use that you already own!

birdcage planter
vintage tins
vintage tin planter.jpg

7. Use an Old Cake Stand to Display & Organize Washing Products

cake stand

8. Use Faux Pearls to add some luxury to your makeup brush holders


9. Store bits & pieces in Glass Cannisters

Having a place for everything and everything in its place creates visual clarity

glass canisters.jpg

10. Keep cat toys in a pretty, low open basket


11. Re-purpose old mirrors as trays for perfume bottles or a home bar

mirror tray
mirror tray

12. Paint Your Door Edges

Want to add a little color but reluctant to do a whole wall? Why not just paint the door edges for a pop of color to tie into your decor? Or perhaps be super bold and use a fabulous maximalist wallpaper instead!

door edge painting
door edge painting

13. Spray Paint Mismatched Chatchkas

Do you have a random collection of vessels? Why not spray paint them all in a color that matches your favorite decor, the different shapes will still retain their eclectic vibe. While we are on the topic, try to group items with like colors when displaying your collections!

spray paint

14. Add Fancy Pulls & Knobs to Existing Furniture & Doors

crystal door pulls

15. Spray Paint Chair & Table Legs Gold! (Or any Fabulous Color)

If you find you have various pieces of old furniture with different colored bases & legs that clash- tie the whole room together by spray painting them all in your favorite color!

ikea legs.jpg

16. Create a Makeshift Bar from a Vintage Suitcase

You could also use a maximalist patterned fabric to reline the interior of the suitcase!